Lunch Time

Dedicated to providing the best care, attention and love to old donkeys

For the last 15 years or so we have been looking after donkeys on an entirely voluntary basis. We started off with two of our own, Daphne and Paddy, then rescued our first two donkeys in the summer of 2000. From time to time we’ve taken in donkeys, helped to re-home some of the younger ones and have made a point of looking out for – and looking after – the not so lucky ones. The elderly or infirm ones.

Times move on and things change.  Whereas before we have tended to rescue donkeys of all ages, shapes and sizes, we have now come to the conclusion to specialise in what we do best: Care for the oldies! We presently have a mix of 19 donkeys, all of whom require some sort of specialist care and attention. FRED is a Scottish registered charity based in South-West of Scotland. We hope you enjoy reading about our passion for donkeys (over on our Facebook page – especially those of the elderly variety. We appreciate your support. In time we hope you will be able to donate to FRED or volunteer with us. This story is just beginning…

We personally will guarantee that for every donation received, one of us will go into the field and give a donkey a hug. We like to do so anyway but now a donkey will be rewarded with additional love from your contribution.

If you wish to donate to FRED, please feel free to use the following PayPal link.