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Elderly donkeys come first, second and third


Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys (FRED) is a small family run organisation dedicated to providing the best care, attention and love to old donkeys in the latter stages of their life. This attention to their needs is offered in a knowledgeable, experienced and donkey centred manner.

The founding trustees of FRED have immense understanding of the needs of donkeys and a proven track record in caring for them throughout their lives. Donkey welfare is at the heart of this organisation and in particular the welfare of elderly donkeys.

At Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys, old donkeys can live out their remaining years in the peaceful companionship of other elderly donkeys. Their physical and medical needs are fully met by the experienced vets, farrier and Equine Dental Technician we use on a regular basis. In the good weather the old donkeys can potter about in our paddocks with their particular donkey friends, at their own pace enjoying the sun on their backs and the natural grass and herbage pasture. The donkeys all have stabling in poor weather with clean, deep beds and first class nutrition. Our holistic approach supports the donkeys natural behaviours of browsing, grazing and socialising in small ability matched groups coupled with having quality time encounters with humans.

Treating donkeys as individuals is the bedrock of FRED.